The General Court (“GC”) handed an order by which it partially upheld and partially dismissed Pilkington Glass Ltd's (“Pilkington”) application for interim relief in relation to its appeal against a Commission decision refusing its request for the confidential treatment of certain information relating to its participation in the car glass cartel. The GC found that the application should be dismissed with regard to one of the information categories since the risk of serious and irreparable harm was to third parties and not to Pilkington. However, the GC upheld Pilkington's application in relation to other categories of information stating that there was a prima facie case because complicated questions were raised requiring a thorough examination in the main proceedings. The GC held that it was undoubtedly urgent to grant the interim measures as Pilkington’s fundamental right to protect its professional secrets would irreversibly lose any meaning if the Commission published the documents before the GC adjudicated on the main action. Source: Case T-462/12 - Pilkington Group v Commission, Order of the President of the General Court 11/3/2013