On 19 June 2009, the Court of First Instance (CFI) dismissed appeals by Qualcomm and Socratec against the approval in 2003 of a joint venture known as ‘Toll Collect'. Toll Collect was formed by DaimlerChrysler Services AG, Deutsche Telekom AG and Compagnie Financière et Industrielle des Autoroutres SA following the award of a German public contract to operate a manual and automatic motorway toll collection services on German motorways using global positioning devices. The joint venture was approved by the European Commission in 2003, subject to a number of conditions designed to meet competition concerns. These concerns related in particular to the fact that Toll Collect would control the main platform for vehicle telematic systems and provide on-board telematic devices for heavy road vehicles, thereby giving them the potential to control competition conditions in the market. Qualcomm, a Dutch supplier of satellite-based truck fleet management systems and Socratec a German provider of telematic services for vehicles appealed the approval claiming that the Commission had made a manifest error in its assessment and that the commitments were insufficient to address competition concerns. Socratec's appeal was dismissed on the grounds that it was in liquidation. The CFI examined, but ultimately rejected Qualcomm's claims that the Commission committed a manifest error or that the agreed commitments, designed to provide third party access, were insufficient.