After much talk in the street of dangling more carrots to encourage Singaporeans to have children, the Singapore Parliament has finally passed the Child Development Co-Savings (Amendment No 2) Bill on 10 November 2016. This amendment bill increases certain type of parental leave benefits, which we set out below in this Update. There is at present no definitive date(s) on which the changes take effect as the commencement date(s) has not been gazetted into law. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Manpower has provided some indications of the estimated commencement dates of the various provisions as follows. 

Broad Overview of the Benefit Increases and Commencement Date

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Practical Effects of Change and Last words

In light of the above said amendments, employers are reminded to revise their Employee Handbooks in time for such change taking effect.

Depending on the success of these changes in encouraging more child births in Singapore, it may be that the next round of measures by the Government would be to increase the various child care leave benefits (i.e childcare, extended childcare and infant care leave).