The 13th ANP Bid Round

Focus on Onshore and Deep-water Blocks

Yesterday, during the opening of an oil and gas conference, Mr. Marco Antônio de Almeida, the executive-secretary of the Oil and Gas sector of Brazil′s Ministry of Mines and Energy stated that the government will host the 13th Bid Round for oil and gas exploratory areas within the first semester of 2015. 

Regarding the areas to be included in this bidding round, Ms. Magda Chambriard, head director of the Brazilian Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels - ANP, has declared that the main focus will be on the East Margin, and that pre-salt areas will not be included. Also, although the government affirms that the bidding areas are still under evaluation, the latest news is that mainly onshore and deep-water blocks will be offered. 

Ms. Chambriard also estimated that all necessary governmental approvals, including from Brazil′s environmental institute (IBAMA), shall be obtained until the meeting of the Brazilian Council for Energy Policies (the CNPE), to be held in December 2014, so that ANP may host the bidding round before June 2015.