Following on from our e-update on the new EU cookie Regulations, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has published further guidance on how businesses should implement the regulations, and it is giving website owners 12 months to comply with the new law.

The Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, announced today that although the Regulations contain no formal transitional period for businesses and website owners to adhere to, the ICO are giving a one-year deadline, and those still failing to comply past the one-year mark may face action once the ICO introduce formal enforcement rules.

Under the revised Regulations, the ICO have been granted extended powers, and in particular, as of the 26 May when the Regulation comes into force, it will have the power to "impose financial penalties on telecoms and internet companies who fail to notify us about their data breaches."

Today's announcement serves as a reminder to website owners that in less than 24 hours the new law on cookies will be in force, and it is crucial that those to whom the Regulations apply take the necessary steps and precautions so as to avoid any legal consequences.