Further to our recent reports concerning the continual legal and industry publicity surrounding ad blocking, ad blocking software and application trends continue to make headlines.

In an effort to prevent the ever growing use of ad blocking programs for web browsers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau ("IAB") has revealed a set of tools and techniques which publishers around the globe can use in response to ad blocking.

The IAB does not make any particular recommendation with respect to the best tactic to be used, but rather outlines and explains the tactics which are currently available: Access Denial, Tiered Experience, Payment from Visitors, Ad Reinsertion, Payment to Ad Blocker Companies and Payment to Visitors, or Revenue Sharing. In addition, the IAB suggests that the most effective course of action is to follow the following steps:

  • Detect ad blocking in order to initiate a conversation;
  • Explain to visitors the value exchange which advertising enables;
  • Ask for changed behavior in order to maintain an equitable exchange; and
  • Lift restrictions or limit access in response to consumer choices.

It remains to be seen how these tools and tactics will affect the ad blocking software industry.