On 20 May, the General Court rejected applications by three individuals, Aiman Jaber, Khaled Kaddour, and Mohamad Hamcho, for interim injunctions to suspend their inclusion on the EU’s sanctions list relating to Syria, in cases Case T-153/15 Hamcho v Council [2015], Case T-154/15 Jaber v Council [2015] and Case T-155/15 Kaddour v Council [2015] (judgments in French).

In November 2014, the General Court annulled the inclusion of these applicants in the EU sanctions list on Syria (see Issue 31). In January 2015, the Council of the European Union re-listed the applicants (see Issue 34). In March, the three individuals applied to annul their re-listings and, linked to this, applied for interim injunctions pending the General Court’s final judgment on their application for annulment. In rejecting the applications, the General Court found that the applicants had failed to show that the interim injunctions were necessary to prevent serious and irreparable harm being caused to them.