A draft report published by MEPs of the Civil Liberties Committee argues for the increase of democratic guarantees and accountability, in particular relating to safeguards and human oversight, for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in law enforcement.

The report includes:

  • concerns that the use of AI systems in policing could be re-purposed for mass surveillance;
  • the potential for bias and discrimination in the algorithms on which AI and machine-learning systems are based, as well as the possibility of AI-powered predictions amplifying existing discrimination;
  • the committee's calls for a permanent ban on the use of biometric details including gait, fingerprints, DNA or voice to recognise people in publicly accessible spaces;
  • the committee's desire for a ban on the use of private facial recognition databases; and
  • calls from MEPs for a ban on the use of facial recognition for identification until such systems comply with "fundamental rights".

The non-legislative report will be debated and voted upon during the September 2021 plenary session.