The New Uninsured Drivers’ MIB Agreement: Coming into force on 1 August 2015

The Old Agreement

The previous agreement was always controversial. It introduced a large number of procedural steps, default in any one of which could lead to the MIB escaping liability. The harshness of these rules was later mitigated by the introduction of a voluntary Code of Practice. Most, but not all, of the difficulties could be overcome by ensuring the MIB were a party to the action at the outset.

The Key Points

The rules are now much simpler. The key points are:

  • To submit an application to the MIB in the proper form.
  • To join the MIB into the action at the outset.

MOJ calls for investigation into NIHL claims

The Ministry of Justice has urged the Civil Justice Council to investigate the number and cost of claims for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), following lobbying from the insurance sector, which has come to regard NIHL as "the new whiplash" and as a "cash cow".