The Center for Environmental Health has filed a new lawsuit, seeking injunctive relief against a number of companies that make personal care products promoted as organic, in a California state court. Ctr. for Envtl. Health v. Naked Earth, Inc., No. 1158523 (Cal. Super. Ct., Alameda County, filed July 13, 2011). Details about a similar lawsuit the center filed a month earlier against different defendants appear in the June 23, 2011, Issue of this Report.

According to the complaint, most of the products’ ingredients are not organic, a matter made clear by consulting the fine print on the back of each label. At issue are hair dyes and conditioners, shave creams, body lotions, and cleansers purportedly “marketed, labeled and sold as ‘organic,’ but which in fact contain less than 70% organic ingredients.” Alleging violations of the California Organic Products Act of 2003 (COPA), the center asks the court to “preliminarily and permanently enjoin Defendants from violating COPA and require Defendants to correct their past violations of COPA.” The center also seeks attorney’s fees and costs.