The Slovak NCA Council upheld the first-instance decision of the Slovak NCA – "Division for Abuse of Dominant Positions and Vertical Agreements", by which the authority imposed fines on the undertaking RAJO, a.s., Bratislava (a producer of dairy products) and a number of grocery retailers which included Kaufland Slovenská republika, BILLA, s.r.o., Retail Value Stores, a.s. and TESCO STORES SR, a.s., for engaging in anticompetitive behaviour from 2009 to 2014.

The anticompetitive behaviour found concerned the inclusion of retail price maintenance clauses in the distribution agreements for Rajo-branded products in the categories of milk, butter and cream for end consumers in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

The total fine amounted to EUR 10.3 million, with the individual fines (taking account of the gravity of the infringement) amounting to 5 % of the relevant turnover, multiplied by the number of years the infringement took place.