On October 28, the Commission released its latest communication on the digital switchover, asking EU Member States to speed up and complete the process by January 1, 2012. DG INFSO referred to the results of its consultants' study (by Analysys Mason, DotEcon, and Hogan & Hartson) on how coordinated action on the digital switchover could realize EUR 20 to 50 billion over 15 years compared to EU countries acting alone. This coordination calls for allocating spectrum at 790-862 MHz for new wireless services. Some of this goal could require new legislation, or at least political support, and the Commission proposes to address the Parliament and Council for "strategic objectives like the pace of opening the digital dividend to uses other than high-power broadcasting, agreeing a common European position in negotiations with neighboring countries on the digital dividend spectrum, and the possibility to agree [on] future EU targets for using more efficient technologies in the digital dividend." It says it will make proposals in the first half of 2010. The Commission's web index page sets out a calendar of activities showing the entire plan, which we copied here.

See the table here.