A federal magistrate judge has found, in In the Matter of the Search Warrant for:  [Redacted]@hotmail.com et al., that the government cannot indefinitely prevent Microsoft from disclosing the existence of a warrant to access email on its servers.  Judge Grewal acknowledged that an investigator’s affidavit had established probable cause for ordering Microsoft to provide access to the requested email, and had demonstrated that notification of the search warrant would “seriously jeopardize the agent’s investigation.”  However, he denied the nondisclosure request for its failure to specify an endpoint to the gag order, as required by Section 2705 of the Stored Communications Act (a part of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act).  Judge Grewal did hold that the government may resubmit its request if it justifies a finite period prohibiting Microsoft from notification.  It would then be obligated to apply for renewal of the order “if the circumstances justifying the initial period remain in effect.”