Since the original publication of the post below on February 13, 2014, the CBA resolution to require legal education programs "to provide equal opportunity without discrimination" has been passed.

Trinity Western University (TWU) President Mr. Robert Kuhn is disappointed with what he views as a moral condemnation, and criticizes the broad wording of the resolution. View a video of his interview with the CBA below:

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However, proponents of the resolution believe the broad wording was necessary. Amy Sakalauskas, past chair of SOGIC (CBA's "Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conference"), explains the necessity of the resolution and its broad wording in this CBA interview:

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Original Post from February 13, 2014:

In a blog post published January 16, 2014, I discussed the TWU debate in light of the approval granted by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada approval for the proposed Christian law school.

In nearly a month, three other law societies have spoken up, and one has quieted down.

The Law Society of Upper Canada's Convocation (or Board of Directors) will review the TWU matter at its April 24, 2014 meeting. From the comments delivered by the Treasurer on January 23, 2014, the process by which material will come before the Convocation is still to be determined. The Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Law Society of British Columbia are also examining the Federation's approval.

At the Canadian Bar Association's Mid-Winter meeting to be held in Ottawa on February 23-24, 2014, the attendees will be asked to vote on a resolution for the "[CBA] to urge the [Federation] and the provincial and territorial law societies to require all legal education programs recognized for admission to the bar to provide equal opportunity without discrimination [...]." The full resolution can be found here.

The Law Society of Alberta, despite its initial letter from the President, does not appear to be launching any review of the Federation's decision, at least not one which includes commentary from general bar members or the public.