By the end of 2015, the Chinese Trademark Office received 2.836 million trademark applications, up 24.1% from 2.285 million in 2014. Both the filings directly from foreigners and extensions of Madrid trademark surged in 2015.

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From the classes of goods/services in which the trademarks applications are filed, compared with 2014, class 35 has the highest number of filings in 2015, an increase of 38.9%, over class 25. Class 42 ranks No. 5, taking the place of class 43, and the biggest increase of 46.3% than any other classes. Following the popular classes like clothing and shoes, advertisements and commercial services, scientific instruments and food, highlevel services like science, technology and website services became another hot class of trademark. Class 43 and class 29 follow class 42, which shows food and food services are still hot classes of trademark filing