The Fight for $15 campaign has had its leadership ranks thin due to resignations and terminations of senior union officials apparently related to allegations of sexual harassment or improper behavior. As a result, organizers and others employed by the National Fast Food Workers Union of the Service Employees International Union now seek to be represented by – a union. A labor organization called The United Media Guild has been selected by the Fight for $15 organizers, communications workers, data specialists, and other office workers for collective bargaining. The Guild established representation by card check on November 29, for a bargaining unit of approximately 52 employees in the campaign’s five offices nationally. The Union of Union Representatives, which represents other SEIU workers, was trying to organize the workers, but the Guild apparently “beat them to it.”

In a press statement, the SEIU said that its National Fast Food Workers Union voluntarily “recognized UMG as the exclusive bargaining agent of its staff based on a majority showing of interest. The parties look forward to working together in a constructive bargaining relationship based on mutual respect.” According to the Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report, because former leaders of the Fight for $15 “have resigned or have otherwise been ousted because of sexual harassment or inappropriate work behavior, it’s not clear who currently leads that division of SEIU.” As we previously reported, several of the SEIU’s top leaders left the group earlier in the fall, including Executive Vice President Scott Courtney.