On 22 October 2007, Microsoft announced that it would not be appealing the European Court of First Instance’s (CFI) decision that it had abused its dominant position under Article 82 EC. Further, Microsoft will not pursue the two appeals that are currently pending before the CFI. The first of these appeals related to a €280.5m fine imposed on Microsoft in July 2006. In the second appeal, Microsoft was seeking to overturn the European Commission’s order that Microsoft had to use an open source basis to licence its trade secrets. In its press release, Microsoft stated “we believe it’s important at this stage to focus all of our energies on complying with our legal obligations and strengthening our constructive relationship with the European Commission”. Microsoft has reached agreement with the Commission that it will provide ‘open source’ software developers with access to interoperability information for a one-off payment of €10,000. Microsoft has also agreed to reduce the level of its royalties on its worldwide patent licences. If Microsoft breaches these agreements, third party developers can seek damages in the High Court in London.