The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added 50 chemicals, including 40 used in fragrances, to its Safer Chemical Ingredient List  (SCIL). Created as a resource for manufacturers interested in making safer products and consumers seeking information about chemicals in products, SCIL contains chemicals that meet the criteria of the agency’s Safer Product

Labeling Program. Writing on EPA Connect: The Official Blog of EPA’s Leadership, Jim Jones notes that manufacturers can search within each SCIL component class—solvents, fragrances, etc.—to assemble a set of ingredients that satisfies “the performance and customer-appeal characteristics they would like their product to have—including being safer for families and the environment.” EPA will continue to update the list with chemicals that meet DfE safer ingredient criteria in key classes such as solvents, surfactants and fragrances. See EPA Connect Blog, January 23, 2014.