Xcertia, a group founded a year ago by the American Medical Association, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, the American Heart Association and the nonprofit DHX Group, released this month preliminary guidance documents that aim to provide more clarity and self-assessment tools around operability, privacy, security and content of mobile health apps

The set of guidelines include the following: 

  • App Operability - for assessing whether a mobile health app installs, loads, and runs in a manner that provides a reasonable user experience;
  • App Privacy - for assessing whether a mobile health app protects the user’s information, including Protected Health Information (PHI) in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;
  • App Security - for assessing if the application is protected from external threats; and
  • App Content - for assessing whether the information provided in the mobile health app is current and accurate.

Xcertia will solicit public comments on the guideline content through the end of January 2018. Comments can be submitted through the website