Imports from China and Taiwan of certain crystalline silicone photovoltaic products used to manufacture solar panels were sold in the U.S. at less than fair value according to the Commerce Department (31 ITR 1374; 7/31/14). 

The Commerce Department found in a preliminary decision that producers and exporters in China are dumping calcium hypochlorite at margins exceeding 210% (31 ITR 1325; 7/24/14).

The International Trade Commission (ITC) will continue to investigate allegations that China has been dumping government subsidized car tires (passenger vehicle and light truck tires) at lesser than fair value (31 ITR 1331; 7/24/14). 


Imports from the U.S. of metal roof fastening systems by two Canadian firms are subject to anti-dumping duties applied to certain steel fasteners from Taiwan according to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (Ideal Roofing Co., Ltd. & Havelock Metal Prods. v. Canada Board of Services Agency, CITT. Nos. AP-2013-08 & 2013-09, 7/10/14) (31 ITR 1377; 7/31/14).

 Trade Policies:


China is examining whether foreign automakers are preventing automotive component makers from selling spare parts to any dealers beside those authorized by the car companies (31 ITR 1345; 7/24/14).

 Dumping/Countervailing Duties:


Provisional antidumping duties lasting for six (6) months on imports of flat glass sheet from the U.S. and five (5) other countries are proposed to be implemented effective July 11, 2014 (31 ITR 1260; 7/10/14).




The Tax Administration Service (SAT) issued rules clarifying the types of income that a maquiladora company may generate from transactions with nonresidents without losing its "permanent establishment" exemption (31 ITR 1395; 7/31/14).

Export Controls:


The Commerce Department Final Rule (79 Fed. Reg. 37,551) adds military electronics items to the Commerce Control List (CCL) and the State Department Final Rule (79 Fed. Reg. 37,535) makes conforming revisions to the U.S. Munitions List (USML) Category XI Military Electronics by removing these items (31 ITR 1184; 7/3/14). 




The Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit held a bonded carrier liable for more than $106,000 in duties, taxes and fees for entries of Chinese apparel that never made it to the listed destination of Mexico (31 ITR 1374; 7/31/14).

Export Violations:


A Russian national was extradited from Lithuania and pleaded guilty in a Federal District Court in Delaware to illegally smuggling munitions items regulated under the International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) from the U.S. to Russia.  U.S. v. Ustinov, D. Del., No. 13-34; (7/10/14).  (31 ITR 1287; 7/17/14).



The Center for Biological Diversity brought a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of International Trade to enforce key provisions of a conservation statute not being implemented with regard to the protection of marine animals to stop persons caught using a technology that does not adequately protect them as seafood imports as required by the statute Center for Biological Diversity v. Pritzker, Ct. Int'l Trade No. 14-00157, (7/2/14) (31 ITR 1241; 7/10/14). 



The European Union (EU) adopted a set of economic and trade sanctions against Russia to pressure the end of the military and financial assistance being given by Russia to paramilitary separatists groups fighting in the eastern Ukraine.  (31 ITR 1381; 7/31/14).


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