In the first trial of its kind in Germany, the Administrative Court of Ansbach has ruled that vehicle dashboard cameras (dashcams) may be incompatible with German data protection law. The Bavarian Data Protection Agency had banned a driver from permanently using a dashcam (he wanted to record evidence in case of an accident) claiming this amounted to a breach of the rights of personality of those people appearing in the recorded footage. The court supported this ban stating that the driver had no right to record other drivers in traffic for the purpose of transmitting the recording to the police or uploading it  to Facebook or YouTube. The court ruled that the privacy of these other drivers outweighed the interest of this driver to secure video evidence of an accident. The court granted leave to appeal, which should bring much needed clarity on whether it is permissible in general to make video recordings in both traffic and non-traffic sectors.

Press release - Administrative Court of Ansbach