The Employment and Social Affairs Council, following a meeting in Luxembourg on 10 June 2008, has adopted a Common Position on both the Working Time Directive and the Temporary Agency Workers Directive. The agreement on the Working Time Directive only became possible after Spain and other countries overcame objections to an opt-out that allows an increase in the weekly cap to 60 working hours. A distinction was also drawn between active and inactive oncall time, allowing greater flexibility for doctors struggling to keep average weekly working hours below the agreed limit. Agreement on the Temporary Agency Workers Directive was reached after, inter alia, Member States were given the option of derogating from the requirement of equal treatment as of day one for temporary agency workers in terms of pay, maternity leave and annual leave. The Council Common Positions will now be sent to the European Parliament for a second opinion. If they are passed, they will return to the Council of Ministers for a second round of approvals, at which stage they will become EU Law.