In a unanimous decision, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)’s order “that determined how much Ohio Power Company could collect in fuel costs for providing electric generation service to customers in 2009,” reports Court News Ohio. The PUCO found that a main reason Ohio Power didn’t recover its 2009 fuel costs was the company’s agreement to terminate early a contract with a major coal supplier; that contract supplied coal to Ohio Power “significantly below the market price,” according to the article. Ohio Power received a settlement as part of the agreement, but then had to purchase coal at the higher market price in 2009. Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor wrote in the decision, “[t]he critical flaw in Ohio Power’s arguments is that it wants the commission (and now this court) to consider the 2008 settlement agreement in isolation,” and that “Ohio Power ignores the impact of the settlement agreement in 2008 on 2009 FAC costs.” For more, read the full article