Congress has unanimously called for a regulation that favors innovation and Blockchain technology, which supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, by reviewing the regulations that could affect the development of this technology and by favoring its introduction to the market "through controlled test environments." The initiative calls for promoting the advantages that this technology offers in terms of cost savings and the absence of intermediation for making payments and transfers, as well as for financing companies, especially in the case of startups. It also calls for support for initiatives that seek to build authorized Blockchain technology networks. In this regard, Congress calls for "proportionate and compatible mechanisms" for the development of new technologies to ensure that companies that operate as intermediaries comply with their reporting obligations to the Treasury and thus effectively tax their profits. The text approved by Congress also refers to the risks of operating with cryptocurrencies, calling for "adequate information on risks, rights and guarantees" that investors bear when investing "to avoid economic damage that cannot be repaired, given the background in high-risk financial products."