Businesses only succeed if they can make a profit. To do so, smart business owners recognize the need to protect their intellectual property from theft and misappropriation. Among the most valuable of a company’s intellectual property assets, of course, is its trade mark. If your organization does business on an international scale, domestic trade mark registration is likely not sufficient to protect your business interests. If you operate in the UAE, trade mark registration in Dubai is essential.

Making Your Mark

Your company’s trade mark its brand name and logo. While it might seem like a basic thing, it is the conduit by which consumers recognize your products or services. As such, it is likely one of the most valuable pieces of intellectual property your firm owns. After you develop your mark, then, you likely want to do what you can to protect it. Primarily, you probably want to record your trade mark with the domestic authorities where you do business. In the modern trade era, though, domestic registration likely is not sufficient. If your customers and competitors are located around the globe, you probably want to pursue an international confirmation of your mark. Fortunately, registering a trade mark internationally is a routine practice for an intellectual property law firm.

Claiming Your Mark

Before you can claim your trade mark in a domestic or international registry, you must make sure no other group or individual owns it. To do this, you must search through registry databases, checking for identical and similar marks. If none exist, you can lay claim to your mark by registering it and paying a filing fee.

Advocating for Your Mark

Because database research is often complex, many companies choose to protect their intellectual property by working with a skilled law firm. Similarly, trade mark registration applications are notoriously convoluted. Correctly documenting a mark’s usage, describing its development, and defining its ownership require applying a set of specialized legal skills. As such, unless you are an intellectual property law firm, you probably want to leave advocating for your mark to an experienced lawyer. If you don’t, you might waste a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money learning how to navigate a difficult process only to have your trade mark registration rejected.

For companies that operate in the Middle East, trade mark registration in Dubai is essential for protecting intellectual property. By working with a skilled law firm, your organization can preserve its ability to make a profit by memorializing ownership rights over its trade mark.