Following its recent consultation, the UK Government announced on 22 April 2016 that it would be increasing the maximum term for custodial sentence for online copyright infringement from 2 years to 10 years. In doing so, the Government accepted that some changes to the current offence wording would be required to ensure that the offences were effective at deterring and dealing with criminals while protecting innocent or unwitting infringers. The Government has undertaken to consider concerns raised as to what some feel are elements of strict liability in the offence (there being no requirement to prove intent to cause harm), and the ambiguity of the current “affect prejudicially” wording when redrafting the relevant provisions in Sections 107(2A) and (4A) and 198(1A) and (5A) of the Copyright, designs and Patents Act 1998. The new provisions will be introduced to Parliament at the earliest available legislative opportunity. For more information, please see the Government’s Consultation Response on the Criminal Sanction for Online Copyright Infringement.