Enterprise Ireland is running two Competitive Start Fund (CSF) competitions for international entrepreneurs and graduate entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Ireland’s CSF supports early stage start-ups.  The purpose of the CSF is to accelerate the growth of start-up companies and help them to achieve key technical and commercial milestones.  The fund is open to early stage companies in manufacturing and internationally traded services, including the following subsectors: Internet, Games, Apps, Mobile, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Life sciences, Fintech, Food, Cleantech and Industrial Products.

Companies can receive funding by entering a competitive pitching process. Competitions are run regularly, sometimes open to all and sometimes limited to a specific sector or class of entrepreneur.

The next two competitions will run concurrently, opening on Wednesday 24 August 2016 and closing on Wednesday 7 September 2016.  Late applications will not be accepted.

International Entrepreneurs

One competition is specifically for start-ups that are currently based overseas but are willing to relocate to Ireland.  In order to be eligible, applicants to the fund must reside outside Ireland at the time of application but will be required to move to Ireland and to incorporate an Irish company which will hold all the relevant intellectual property and assets. Short-listed projects will be invited to travel to Ireland to pitch to the evaluation panel.  The pitch will take place on Friday 18 November 2016. Enterprise Ireland will cover the travel and accommodation costs.

Graduate Entrepreneurs

This competition is open to persons who have graduated within three years on the date of application working in a pre-trading business in one of the relevant sectors.  Short-listed projects will be invited to pitch on Monday 10 October 2016.

For more information on the CSF, please click here