Google has recently announced that it will enable Safe Browsing by default on Chrome for Android, starting with Chrome version 46. Google noted that this step would protect Chrome users on  Android  from  certain  types  of  malware,  unwanted  software,  phishing  attacks,  and  other cybersecurity threats. It should also be noted that this feature would also be available for Chrome users on iOS devices, but not as default.

In practice, Google's Safe Browsing systems will now block by default Android Chrome users from navigating to sites that were flagged  as hosting or encouraging the  download  of  unwanted software, phishing, social engineering and malware, through Chrome's "Red Warning".

It is also important to note that Google is releasing the Safe Browsing feature as part of Google Play Services (starting with version 8.1), meaning that it is expected that it will come to other in- house mobile apps and services in the future.