On 17 July the MoJ published the report by Professor Paul Fenn "Evaluating the low value Road Traffic Accident process". The report considers the impact of low value road traffic accident (RTA) process on general damages, costs and speed of settlement one year after implementation. Professor Fenn made the recommendation in the report that any extension to the portal should happen only after a full assessment of the small claims process has been carried out next year and take into account the effect of the ban on referral fees.

The key findings suggest:

  • 3-4% decrease in average cost
  • 5-7% decrease in the average delay to settlement (life cycle)
  • A 50% exit of all claims which enter the RTA process

Despite Professor Fenn’s recommendation for a delay in extension pending full assessment, the Government signalled its intention to press ahead sooner. An MoJ spokesperson said "The Government is intended to expand the scope of the current scheme next April".

We will consider Professor Fenn's report in full in the next edition of the Liability Brief.

Download Professor Fenn's report "Evaluating the low value Road Traffic Accident process" (PDF, 226KB)