The Central Bank issued an updated AIFMD Q&A (13th edition) with new Q&As. In particular:

  • IQ.1030 on the transitioning of professional investor funds and QIAIFs which can continue to be managed by non-EU AIFMs under the existing transitional arrangements until at least 22 October 2015. At that time this position will be revisited and, if necessary, revised to align it with the European Commission’s decision (on, amongst other things, the application of the AIFMD passport to non-EU AIFMs) and any transitional arrangements provided.  
  • IQ.1058 (somewhat revised) on when the NU Series of Notices will cease to apply to a professional investor fund and what rules will apply instead.  
  • IQ.1089 to 1093 (new) on marketing of unauthorised AIFs.