New Markets

Recent international studies have identified 60 new markets for the increasing development of satellite services in the next few years including connectivity to vehicles such as trains, cars, planes and ships, improving agricultural productivity, maritime surveillance, value-added locational services, commodity trading and telemedicine.


Satellite data is essential for digitalized services - its availability, integrity and confidentiality is key for example to autonomous transportation. Drive for sustainability creates business opportunities both in Earth-bound satellite services for example in monitoring the Arctic environment as well as in mitigating creation and effects of space debris. New Space economy makes space more accessible - space activities are increasingly carried out by new private players, prompting the need for national space laws to license the activities.

5G Integration

Aiming at mobile broadband users and device-to-device communications, satellites have an increasingly important role to play in the next few years both as a backhaul technology but also as a fully integrated access point for mobile and remote users.