BBA Brexit quick briefs on data protection and transitional arrangements

The British Bankers' Association has published two papers on the key commercial, regulatory and political considerations relating to Brexit and banking. There are two Brexit "quick briefs," one focuses on data protection and transfer, while the other discusses whether there is a need for transitional arrangements.

BBA, 31 January 2017

EIOPA update on the methodology to derive the risk-free interest rate term structures

EIOPA has published an update of the technical documentation of the methodology for risk-free interest rate term structures which includes changes to the use of input data for derivation of risk-free interest rates for the Mexican peso, and the change of peer country for Latvian government bonds from Spain to Ireland.

EIOPA, 31 January 2017

Keep corporate hedging exemption, says EACT in EMIR Review response

EACT has published a response to the European Commission's EMIR review report published on 23 November 2016, highlighting the need to maintain the corporate hedging exemption, and not to replace it with clearing and margin requirements based simply on the volume of transactions.

EACT, 31 January 2017


FCA consults on Handbook changes for insurance linked securities

A consultation paper has been published by the FCA proposing changes to the Handbook which would reflect the new regulation for insurance linked securities.

FCA, 31 January 2017

EIOPA publishes new Solvency II Q&As

New questions and answers have been published by EIOPA relating to the Commission Implementing Regulation and the symmetric adjustment of the equity capital charge.

EIOPA, 31 January 2017


ESMA consults on guidelines on transfer of data between trade repositories

A consultation paper has been published by ESMA detailing the guidelines on the transfer of data between trade repositories under EMIR.

ESMA, 31 January 2017

ESMA updates MiFID II Q&As on transparency and market structure

ESMA has published new question and answer documents on the issues of transparency and on market structures under the MiFID II and MiFIR.

ESMA, 31 January 2017