Gatineau, June 20: Review of the Regulatory Framework Relating to Vertical Integration. Recognizing the trend of consolidation in the broadcasting industry (including Quebecor/TVA 2001; Rogers/CityTV 2007; Shaw/Canwest 2010; BCE/CTVglobemedia 2011), the Commission launched a review of its anti‐competition safeguards. There are “undue preference” and related guidelines for negotiation between BDUs and programming undertakings, but “there is now a concern that large, integrated broadcasting distributors could act in a manner that would be detrimental to the broadcasting industry”.  

The Commission has since added other matters for consideration, including what specific measures, if any, should be contemplated to take into account the particular situation of smaller independent broadcasting services.  

Who’s appearing at the 6‐day hearing? All the "usual suspects", plus various independent broadcasters.  

Gatineau, July 18: Various applications, including radio in BC, ON, and Montreal, plus Specialty Cat 2 apps. Interventions due June 20