In 2008 the temp agency sector experienced negative growth (- 3,41% compared to 2007) in the numbers of hours performed. Following a number of years of significant growth with a total of 180,92 million hours performed these figures should not be exaggerated. The decrease was mostly established in the blue collar sector (- 7,88%) whereas the white collar sector still revealed a considerable growth of 4,18%.  

Federgon, the biggest Belgian federation of employers in the temp agency sector now demands the opening up of the public sector for the temp agency industry. Belgium is one of the only countries in the European Union where the use of temp agency workers in the public sector has officially been banned. However, in reality, temp agency workers are active in the public sector on all levels and dealing with all sorts of services and assignments both short and long term.

As a consequence, Federgon demands that the authorities lift this ban or at least provide for a clear framework as to what is acceptable and what is not. Up until today the government has not released an official statement on this matter, but has said that it is working on draft legislation in relation hereto.