I cannot pretend to have read this very comprehensive report  published today but I have taken away a few points from the list of recommendations to investigate further:

  1. the ability for local councils to levy council tax for housing plots on land allocated for housing, or on land which has planning permission but where housing is not built in a reasonable timescale;
  2. reformed New Towns legislation in order to bring forward Garden Cities/Suburbs - to include changes to CPO legislation in order to simplify and enable compulsory purchase at "closer to existing use value ... but with a generous premium" in order to secure land at a cost lower than would be expected today, but still at a price giving the landowner a reasonable return;
  3. compulsory local plans to be submitted by December 2016 (with the spectre of "intervention" by PINS if the requirement is not met or the plan submitted is not up to scratch, and a "right to grow" which may have a role for the relevant LEP where there are concerns about the impact, on economic growth, of poor housing supply;
  4. a comprehensive review of CIL;
  5. locally set planning fees; and
  6. NPPF to call for local plans to consider the objectively assessed need for market rented homes. This tenure (usually termed PRS) would, where necessary, be secured by condition.

I have some time on the train tomorrow - that's my reading sorted.