A Hawaii state court has reportedly ordered Hawaii County not to publicly disclose the identity and specific location of farms that grow genetically modified (GM) papayas. While the order apparently allows the county to maintain registration information under a December 2013 law that also prohibited open-air use and testing of GM crops, the court agreed with two GM papaya growers that the registration program lacked clear rules as to information that could be released to the public. According to a news source, the growers are concerned about vandalism or other economic harms. The court’s preliminary injunction states that releasing information about specific farm locations would not “protect farmers of nongenetically engineered crops” due to a “limited” cross-pollination risk and because GM papayas are not prohibited. A Kohala councilwoman reportedly expressed satisfaction with the ruling and contended that the general location of farms could still be made public under the injunction. See West Hawaii Today, July 9, 2014.