The European Commission has published a call for evidence in relation to the review of Directive 97/9/EC on investor-compensation schemes (ICSD).  

The purpose of this call for evidence is to obtain information from Member States, market participants and other stakeholders, in particular investors, about the application of the ICSD across Member States and about the need to modify it in order to take into account the changes of a regulatory or economic nature that have materialized in the EU financial markets.  

The call for evidence is focused on the following issues:

  • The scope of the ICSD and whether the scheme established by the ICSD is adequate after the entry into force of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.
  • The amount of compensation.
  • The funding of the compensation schemes.
  • The restrictions on the carry over of unpaid reimbursement debts.
  • The reduction of payout delay.  

Comments on the call for evidence are due by 8 April 2009.  

View Call for evidence on Investor-Compensation Schemes Directive, 9 February 2009