The Law n°2013-316 dated 16th of April 2013 concerning the independence of health and environment expertise and whistle-blowers' protection has been published in the Official Journal.

The Law provides that an employee may alert his employer if he estimates, in good faith, that the products or the manufacturing processes used in the company implicate a serious risk on public health or the environment. A Health, Safety and Working Conditions Council's representative who noticed such a risk may also trigger the alert.

The alert is registered in writing in conditions determined by Decree and the employer must inform the whistle-blower about the action he intends to take.

The whistle-blower benefits from a specific protection concerning recruitment, access to an internship or a training period or against any sanction or discriminatory measure for having reported or testified in good faith about the facts related to a serious risk on public health or the environment.

A whistle-blower acting in bad faith or with malicious intent incurs a 5 year imprisonment sentence and a € 45,000 fine.