On Thursday night, House Republican leaders pulled their “Fiscal Cliff” bill from the floor because it lacked enough votes to pass. The bill known as “Plan B” would have permanently extended all tax rates for income under $1 million including dividends and capital gains. The legislation would also have made permanent the AMT patch and estate tax rates as well as replaced the sequester cuts for one year through a mix of cuts to non-defense domestic programs. With the bill’s failure to even receive a vote, Speaker John Boehner is now unlikely to get any deficit plan through his chamber without relying on Democratic votes. At a press conference Friday morning, Boehner announced the House has recessed until January, and he will not resume talks with the President. However, a deal is still possible before year’s end if the Senate passes a bill that Boehner could muscle through the House with a small number of Republicans and a large majority of Democrats similar to last year’s debt ceiling extension legislation.