According to a survey report carried out earlier this year by the Irish Computer Society of 128 data protection professionals in various business sectors (and companies of various sizes), almost two-thirds of businesses faced at least one data security breach in 2014. This is an increase from 2013, when 51% of the Irish businesses responding faced data security breaches. Even more telling, three-quarters of the respondents said that their businesses transferred data outside the country, with only half stating that they always implement data protection policies designed to protect international transfers.

Respondents also mentioned that a top threat to their data included (i) negligent workers (43%). Other data threats included (ii) loss of end user devices containing sensitive data (34%), (iii) external attackers that seek to obtain company data (33%), (iv) third-party failures to secure data (32%), (v) inability of employees to differentiate between harmless and sensitive personal data (30%), and (vi) not knowing where sensitive data is located (24%). Furthermore, less than a quarter of those surveyed felt very prepared to address the threat of a large data breach in their company.

Tip: This survey is one of many reporting on an increase in data breaches around the globe. It serves as a reminder to take steps to ensure that your organization is prepared to handle and respond to data security threats.