Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has announced that her first legislative priority will be to crack down on fraudulent timeshare resale companies.  Accompanied by Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner (R-Orlando) and Representative Eric Eisnaugle (R-Orlando), Bondi stated that the Timeshare Resale Accountability Act will strengthen existing laws in a number of ways, including prohibiting timeshare resellers from:

  • Misrepresenting that a buyer has an interest in purchasing or renting the owner’s timeshare.
  • Collecting payment until the timeshare owner signs a written agreement for the resale services.
  • Not honoring a cancellation request made within 7 days following execution of the resale service agreement, and not paying the refund within 20 days of that cancellation.

According to the Attorney General, these provisions are intended to directly address the most common timeshare resale complaints received by the Attorney General.  As illustrated in this chart compiled by the Attorney General, the number of these complaints has grown dramatically since 2009. 

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