The following amendments to Act XXII of 1992 on the Labor Code came into effect on January 1, 2009:

I. Stand-By Duty

The duration of stand-by duty shall be counted exclusively within weekly work time. The entire duration of stand-by duty shall be counted as working time in the event that "special work" performed during the stand-by duty period cannot be measured. Any ordered stand-by duty cannot exceed 24 hours, and such 24 hour period must include any normal working time for the day when the stand-by duty commences.

II. Rest Periods

In order to provide for flexible employment possibilities, as is required under European Union regulations, the Labor Code requires an "8-hour-rest-period" in case there is shared daily work time.

Aside from the currently available cases, employers may now require work duty on Hungarian legal holidays in the following situations:  

  • when the service is being provided from abroad (typically by outsourcing companies) with IT instruments (such as telephones, computers or via email); and
  • when, according to the law of the country where the employee is employed, the employee can be required to work on days that are legal holidays in Hungary. However, employees cannot be required to work on days that are legal holidays in both Hungary and the employee's place of employment.

III. Vacation Time

If the employer begins to allocate vacation time in the year in which it is due, that part of the employee's vacation which extends beyond the end of such year shall be counted to the previous year's vacation period.