The new .scot internet domain is set to go live today, 15 July 2014.

The new domain will allow individuals to choose a .scot web or e-mail address for the first time, instead of existing options such as .com or

Those who have already signed up to use the new .scot domain include the Scottish Government, Yes Scotland, Better Together, WWF Scotland, NHS Scotland and Scouts Scotland.

The .scot domain has even secured international interest from Louisiana Scouts and the Clan Wallace.

Domains such as .wales, .london, .berlin and .NYC are also set to become available this year.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said:

"It is entirely right that Scotland should have its own distinctive and recognisable internet domain – in particular one that will resonate internationally, helping to promote Scottish business and culture throughout the world.

"I am confident that the .scot domain will prove to be a real asset to the people of Scotland and to the worldwide family of Scots."

Dot Scot Registry director Gavin McCutcheon noted that:

"Owning a .scot domain will allow people and organisations a new unique way to express their identity online. After a long campaign to secure the new .scot domain, we're delighted that we can launch when the eyes of the world are on Scotland, with the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow next week."