Chilean Senator Guido Girardi has reportedly filed a formal complaint with the country’s Ministry of Health, alleging that fast-food companies have violated a new ban on using toys and other giveaways to market children’s meals. According to media sources, the complaint claims that several fast-food restaurants have flouted the law, along with other food manufacturers that purportedly use crayons, stickers and similar incentives to market products which appeal to children. Girardi has asked the Ministry of Health to enforce sanctions if the companies named in the complaint do not begin complying with the toy ban.  

“These businesses know that this food damages the health of children and they know that the law is in effect. They’re using fraudulent and abusive means,” said Girardi, who apparently drafted the law. “These corporations threatened that if the law was approved there would be no more money for children’s foundations, the sick, or athletes, but we were finally able to create a great alliance between the civil society and scientists to defeat these lobbyists.” See The Associated Press, August 1, 2012.