What is the Right to Build?

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has opened consultation on the Right to Build, which is an initiative announced in the 2014 Budget, which aims to make it simpler to obtain the required planning approval from the local planning authority, for people wishing to build their own homes. 

How does it work? 

The consultation proposal aims to obtain the views of local planning authorities and those who may have an interest in self-building, about the Right to Build.  This will include the likely demand for the scheme and how it will work in practice.  It will also deal with the eligibility criteria.  The Government’s initial thoughts on how the scheme will run are as follows: 

  • Those eligible will be able to apply to their local planning authority for a suitable, serviced plot of land on which to build their own home;
  • Applications will be recorded on a specific register for the area;
  • The demand in the register will be considered when the local plans are prepared, this means there will be appropriate planning policies in place to ensure there are plots available for self-builders;
  • Those registered as self-builders will be offered suitable plots for sale through the local planning authority at market value.  The plots will have the benefit of some sort of planning permission and will have the appropriate services.

The consultation is directed at local planning authorities but DCLG is requesting views from anyone who is likely to be involved in such projects.  The consultation is only applicable to England and ends on 18 December 2014.