The sun sets on several new gTLDs

The Sunrise period has ended, or will by Monday, for the new gTLDs listed below.

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After Sunrise, gTLDs enter a Landrush period — when individuals seeking second-level domains within a new gTLD can pay for pre-registration — before they become available to the general public. (Read more about Landrush in last week’s gTLD post.) If any of these gTLDs are of interest to your brands or business, now is the time to take action.

Nearly two dozen gTLDs get the green light

More than a dozen new gTLDs closed Sunrise periods in the past week, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is keeping up the momentum. Since our previous article, ICANN has delegated 20 additional gTLDs.

  • .网址 — Chinese for “network address”
  • .rocks
  • .college
  • .feedback
  • .desi
  • .capital
  • .eus
  • .gripe
  • .engineering
  • .services
  • .lease
  • .toys
  • .town
  • .career
  • .media
  • .reisen
  • .associates
  • .gal
  • .university
  • .pictures
  • .quebec

The most recent additions will join the growing list of gTLDs that can begin Sunrise periods, which are required to be at least 30 days, though many are allowing for longer timespans.

Recently launched gTLDs and their corresponding Sunrise periods include:

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If those don’t pique your interest, take a look at these soon-to-launch gTLDs:

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The .nyc domain is one of the most anticipated new gTLDs. It’s set to launch on Cinco de Mayo and is considered to be a flagship gTLD in the largest Internet expansion in history. With this expansion, many businesses, organizations and individuals are ready to adopt new online identities. Anyone managing New York-based trademarks should plan now for the launch of .nyc so they can protect and enhance their valuable ideas, services, organizations or businesses.