An in-house legal team is regularly swamped with contracts and agreements that require manual processing. Prioritising and managing this data mountain is a high-volume, low-value task, which often distracts the GC’s team from delivering strategic and commercial value to the wider business.

Leading such introspective lives works to the detriment of the company in a number of ways. Expecting the GC’s team to handle an unrealistic volume of paperwork exposes the business to unnecessary risk, while focusing solely on contract screening means the legal team are unable to identify areas for improvement, flag negotiation trends across client segments, or empower quicker sales cycles.

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AI technology is capable of answering thousands of questions about each and every contract; and it can do so in minutes, not hours. Such systems ensure that a company’s playbook is applied consistently every time, and produces a risk summary that recommends the best next steps to take.

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