Funds may be debited from a "C" type bank account for the following purposes:

1. paying taxes, duties, levies and other mandatory charges payable in accordance with the budget laws of the Russian Federation;

2. making funds transfers for the purchase of federal bonds put up for auction by the Russian Ministry of Finance;

3. making funds transfers to the current accounts of non-residents in the currency of the Russian Federation as stipulated by the permit;

4. making funds transfers in connection with other transactions as stipulated by the permit;2

5. making funds transfers to "C" type bank accounts;

6. making funds transfers to the "C" type brokerage accounts and special "C" type brokerage accounts, "C" type trading bank accounts and type "C" clearing bank accounts;

7. paying fees to the authorised bank servicing the account, to the broker maintaining the special "C" type brokerage account, the securities depository maintaining the "C" type securities account, and other fees relating to the implementation of transactions in securities credited to the "C" type securities accounts;

8. making funds transfers to a resident in connection with the payment of a forfeit (fine or penalty) in respect of the transactions/deals set out in Decree 95; and

9. returning the funds erroneously credited to the "C" type bank account.