On 18 September 2014, OFAC announced the designations of James Koang Chuol and Santino Deng Wol pursuant to Executive Order 13664, which authorises blocking sanctions on persons that threaten the peace, security or stability of South Sudan. Mr. Koang was designated for his role as a leader of anti-government forces whose members allegedly target civilians, including women and children. OFAC states that Mr. Koang, a former commander in the South Sudanese military, has ordered attacks on United Nations camps, hospitals, churches and schools, and in April 2014 engaged in targeted killings in the city of Bentiu. Mr. Deng Wol is a Major General in the South Sudanese military who, according to OFAC, has continued to assault anti-government forces in violation of the January 23rd Cessation of Hostilities agreement.

Treasury Department Press Release