The Data Protection Authority of Baden-Württemberg has presented the results of an assessment conducted in April 2016 of the privacy policies of more than 300 products relating to the internet of things (IoT). The assessment was part of the initiative GPEN Privacy Sweep 2016 by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network.

The Authority found that the results of its assessment were not dissimilar to those of other assessors. The main issues were cited to be lack of transparency, insufficient user information (in more than 60% of the cases) and insufficiencies in how personal consumer data is stored and deleted. Moreover, many privacy policies did not refer to individual IoT products, but only to the related product line. The Authority announced that it will continue to assess IoT products in Baden-Württemberg and encouraged consumers to make inquiries into the use of their personal data.

The Data Protection Authority of Baden-Württemberg Report

(PDF) (in German)